DATA LEGAL DRIVE, the legal tech that digitalizes your GDPR compliance

DATA LEGAL DRIVE is born because all companies must now ensure technical data protection and legal security for individuals.

Data Legal Drive is a highly innovative SaaS platform that allows companies to accelerate their GDPR compliance by digitizing their data governance.


Data Legal Drive is the only platform designed by a law firm with expertise in personal data law.

Thanks to its partnership with the leading legal publishers Editions Législatives and Dalloz, Data Legal Drive is the most ergonomic and legally reliable solution on the market. The platform offers a large library of legal content and news on  personal data protection from the lawyers of Staub & Associés and Editions Législative – Dalloz.

Developed using the latest innovative technologies, the platform provides all its ergonomics and legal expertise at the service of its customers’ data governance.

In April 2019, the Lefebvre Sarrut group, Europe’s leading player in legal information and training (Dalloz, Editions Législatives, Editions Francis Lefebvre, etc.) acquired participation in Data Legal Drive, with an investment of €1 million.


Our values

  • Involvement – Our entire team is 100% focused on one objective: helping companies regain control over their personal data and support them in their GDPR project.
  • Solidarity – We aim at remaining in solidarity no matter what. If our victories are collective, so are our mistakes.
  • Innovation – We are constantly trying to move the lines. Whether in terms of technology or vision, we are constantly pushing the boundaries.