The principle of accountability is at the heart of the GDPR and therefore of the DATA LEGAL DRIVE platform.

Accountability is one of the major evolutions set forth by the GDPR. This principle can be easily summarised as follows: the company processing personal data must be able to demonstrate, upon first request, that it complies with the obligations set forth by the GDPR. Accountability is the key issue for companies  when it comes to compliance.

It is not just a matter of legal compliance, it is for companies to prove their customers, service providers and prospects that they are reliable and fully abide by the principles of personal data protection.

To comply with the principle of accountability, a company must develop, document and implement procedures to comply with the GDPR provisions, such as the record of processing, impact assessments, the management of requests from data subjects and data breaches.

Data Legal Drive allows you to

Determine the organisational measures best suited to your company, as well as the documents to be compiled.

Centralize all information and documents specific to data protection (record of processing, request from data subjects, etc.).

Centralize the elements that have an impact on data protection (CGV of a computer host, service contract with HR IS, etc.)

Strong point

Proving your compliance has never been easier

Export all accountability documents in one file to easily report on your compliance to authorities or clients.

Easy to use and quick to adopt, Data Legal Drive allows you to identify and centralize all of the Group's personal data processing. We can store all the documents demonstrating our compliance with the GDPR on the platform and work collaboratively, which is a real plus.
SFHM Société Française des Hôtels de Montagne, Legal Department

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