The entry into force of the GDPR requires organisations to review all references to personal data in their contracts and various legal notices.

Several new entries are to be inserted in order to comply with the GDPR principles, such as the legal basis of the processing operation, the existence of a transfer outside the EU or the exercise of the rights of the data subjects.

This is a real issue for companies that have to comply with a still recent legal framework and manage all these changes themselves or with the help of a specialized law firm.

Data Legal Drive allows you to

Access to different contract templates for customers, suppliers and employees. Access to information notices, privacy policies and cookie policies of websites and applications. Use templates for legal notices for personal data collection forms (for membership cards, contests, online registrations, etc.). Find a set of model clauses & contracts adapted to the GDPR

Strong point

Keep all your mention and contract templates always up to date

Take advantage of our up-to-date models of European & French legislation and adapted to the GDPR, drafted by our expert partners in personal data law, the law firm Staub & Associés and the Editions Legislative

In the DATA LEGAL DRIVE platform, you can also find model clauses, contracts and statements adjusted to the GDPR. All information is centralized in the application and accessible in a few clicks.
Pascale Bourcier, DPO - ESCP EUROPE