GDPR compliance is a collective undertaking. Many actors are called upon to contribute to this, each company department being more or less closely involved in the processing of personal data.

But the GDPR remains a legal text that is not easy for everyone to understand. Its implications are multiple and require real legal, technical and organisational knowledge.

This is why implementing a comprehensive GDPR training policy and then determining the number of employees trained on GDPR issues is essential for companies with various departments.

Data Legal Drive allows you to

Plan and visualize the GDPR training to be scheduled, in progress or already completed for each employee.

Add and manage employees.

Create training courses and assign them to employees.

Associate training material with your GDPR training.

Follow the GDPR training of your employees efficiently with the GDPR DATA LEGAL DRIVE software

Strong points

You don't know which employee has been trained on each topic?

Find all your training courses and check in real time if an employee should be trained on a particular topic

Need a global vision to manage the GDPR training of your employees?

Thanks to the DATA LEGAL DRIVE Dashboard on GDPR training, follow at a glance the progress of your company’s GDPR training.