Describing acompany’s GDPR compliance status and identifying existing gaps and non-conformities is one of the first steps when implementing compliance. It is a question of achieving a real audit process by analysing with precision the legal, organisational and technical aspects of the data processing carried out by the company.

Carried out directly after or in parallel with the processing mapping, the GDPR audit helps you determine the degree of maturity of your company in terms of personal data protection. It allows you to lay down the foundations of your GDPR management by helping you establish a precise roadmap, identify the compliance actors, assign tasks to them and, above all, establish a timeline for GDPR compliance. 

Data Legal Drive Allows you to

Tackle all the legal, organizational and technical aspects to be assessed in your organization using interactive and intuitive forms based on pre-registered templates.

On a legal level: link measures to their respective legal bases, manage subcontractors contracts compliance, etc  

On an organisational level: identify the procedures to be implemented such as security incidents, management of personal data breaches and requests from data subjects

On a technical level: assess the level of technical security measures to be achieved to face any potential risk inherent to certain data processing

Software allowing you to perform the RGPD diagnosis of your company

Strong point

Lay the foundations of your regulatory compliance management in a few clicks

Pre-registered templates guide you so you can assess the progress of your organization’s compliance at a glance.

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