The GDPR is a complex process, involving all the company’s departments, each of which has a more or less strong connexion with personal data. This is a major challenge for the DPO (or person in charge of personal data):

He must succeed in motivating and empowering all departments, which have an important role to play in the compliance process but often do not feel concerned.

Finding a way to involve all stakeholders regardless of their legal skills is therefore essential to efficiently manage your compliance project. The DPO must not be alone in bringing it into compliance. This is a real collective effort requiring the expertise of each business line in the company.

Having a tool that allows the collaboration of these multiple actors is therefore essential to ensure its long-term compliance with the GDPR.


Data Legal Drive allows you to

Assign a specific role to each compliance actor: DPO, project manager, controller, etc. Assign tasks to compliance actors and support their execution. Set up procedures for validating the information entered in the platform. Monitor your employees’ contributions through an alert system.

Strong point

You are no longer alone with the GDPR

DATA LEGAL DRIVE allows you to collaborate efficiently and simply with all stakeholders involved in your compliance with DATA LEGAL DRIVE, you continuously monitor the status of your GDPR compliance.

The platform allows us to manage all the group's companies and to hold employees accountable for our obligations to the GDPR. We recommend the Data Legal Drive tool. SFHM Société Française des Hôtels de Montagne, Legal Department Edmond de Rothschild Heritage logo
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