The GDPR has changed the perception we have of personal data.

Rules governing personal data protection evolve regularly and contain many specificities that require attention.

Being able to understand these issues and being regularly informed on changes to the text is essential to ensure a long-term compliance. It is therefore crucial for a DPO to monitor GDPR related topics and to develop a content library, in order to anticipate and plan the implementation of the GDPR over time. 

Data Legal Drive allows you to

Consult the text of the GDPR at any time and in one place.

Consult the GDPR-related codes and legislation.

Access the opinions and guidelines issued by European and national data protection authorities.

Access fact sheets, tables and summaries detailing specific points of GDPR, written by personal data law professionals.

Find all your GDPR monitoring as well as practical content to use to bring you into compliance

Strong points

The GDPR, explained

Train yourself on the specific points of the GDPR that are important to know thanks to more than 30 practical sheets, summary tables or checklists written by Staub & Associés and les Editions Législatives. 

Find practical GDPR sheets written by Editions Législatives and the law firm Staub & Associés

A continuous monitoring accessible in a few clicks

Follow the news and make sure you are always up to date on the compliance of your organization, with content regularly updated and decrypted by personal data law professionals

In the Data Legal Drive platform, various tabs allow you to make legal watch about GDPR. All information is centralized in the application and accessible in a few clicks.
Pascale Bourcier, DPO at ESCP Europe