The GDPR strengthens and diversifies data subjects rights to guarantee them full control over their personal data. In addition to the existing rights of access, deletion and rectification, the GPDR creates new rights, such as the right to portability, the right to oppose profiling and the right to limit processing.

The goal?

Give control back to consumers / prospects / customers over their personal data. This is a major challenge for companies, which must be able to respond properly, through their DPO, to requests in a timely fashion when data has actually been collected, failing which they may be exposed to complaint and/or sanction.

Data Legal Drive

Fill in a request form centralising notably the identity of the data subject, the justification of their identity, the nature of the request.

Download the data subject’s request and any response provided by the controller.

Assign to the competent department within the company the task of processing each request.

Manage requests from data subjects

Point fort

Think about your image, manage requests from data subjects efficiently

With the DATA LEGAL DRIVE management of requests from data subjects functionality, you can see, at a glance, all the requests received, being processed, that have been processed and monitor their status in a few clicks. 

The Data Legal Drive software allows me to centralise all information and documents to prove compliance. For instance, it includes: the history of requests from data subjects (exercise of rights)
Mélody Collé, DPO shared at Coutances mer et bocage