What is a GDPR mapping of processing operations

The mapping of processing operations is the census of all personal data processed within an organization.

Mapping processing operations is one of the key starting points for having a global vision of the processing of personal data in circulation within the organization. Indeed, it allows employees to have a better access to and better understanding of the personal data processed and their source.

Mapping of processing operations : what does the GDPR provide ?

The processing mapping is a recommendation issued by the CNIL to measure the level of GDPR compliance, thanks, among other things, to the information entered in the record of processing activities. Thus, it facilitates monitoring compliance over time and filling the record of processing activities to enable organizations to establish action plans to ensure compliance.

Data Legal Drive allows you to

List the personal data processing operations that your company carries out as controller and processor.

Describe each processing operation in accordance with Article 30.

Monitor the progress of each processing operation by department.

Data Legal Drive, RGPD compliance software with or without DPO

Strong point

Don't know where to start

Use our pre-recorded but fully customizable database of standard processing operations (by area) created by experts in the field of personal data law. 

Go even further than the GDPR

Do not limit yourself to merely complying with the GDPR.

With DATA LEGAL DRIVE’s “extended mode”, go even further and create a complete mapping in accordance with the accountability principle 

Need help to fill in all your processing

Follow the platforms instructions, identify the points you are missing and fill in all the necessary information interactively to ensure that the data is processed correctly thanks to th esets of forms proposed by the platform

Are you managing several entities ?

Save time by duplicating and transferring your processing from one entity to another in a simple click

If you’re managing a group’s compliance, you can also share your softwares and partners repositories with all your subsidiaries

Data Legal Drive helps me on a daily basis to consolidate the list of processing operations of the various legal entities to constitute our records. The tool is very comprehensive and facilitates compliance.
Pascale Bourcier, DPO at Pascale B /ESCP EUROPE