Data are now part of our projects, whether it is for the creation of a new website, a marketing campaign, the implementation of a new HR solution, processing data turns out to be essential.

And whenever data processing is concerned, it also necessarily involves privacy and GDPR. 

Privacy by design 

To ensure that projects only concern processing that comply with personal data protection regulations, it is important to consider this angle before any project even starts, along with the technical and functional framework for instance. 

This is what privacy by design entails, i.e. personal data issues must be considered during the conception of all projects, before their implementation. It is thus impossible to conceive a project, start it and apply a GDPR layer on it afterwards: the project must be compliant by default. 

Replace the DPO at the centre of your projects

It is important to involve the DPO in the conception of the project whenever it encompasses questions regarding personal data processing. Their input is crucial to make sure the project is a success. 

Projects forms are essential for the DPO to apply their expertise and take an active part in the conception of the project. 

This form is essential to formalise the various steps to be followed and corrective actions to be identified throughout the exchanges with the project manager, to make sure they are properly implemented and are GPDR compliant and thus guarantees that the project is privacy by design. 


Data Legal Drive allows you to

Assess the impact of your project on personal data management 

Allow all those concerned by the compliance of the project to personal data protection regulations to collaborate on the same document accessible online. 

Exchange interactively on each specific topic of the project via comments

Have the history of the various exchanges and modifications


Strong points

Replace the DPO at the centre of your projects

With the DLD project form, give your DPO the perfect tool to globally implement the compliance of your projects. With customisable, guided and sequenced questionnaires, allow your DPO to easily and efficiently assess the impact of the project on personal data. 

Make sure you are privacy by design

With the workflow system implemented on the DATA LEGAL DRIVE project form tool, you can follow your project, notify the right persons and improve your project management flow. 

Your project managers do not have access to the platform? No problem!

Allow all those concerned to work together on the same form from a simple password-secured link.

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