The GDPR processing register is an essential steering document for your compliance and allows a record of the processing of your personal data.

What does GDPR require? 

The obligation to keep a processing register is provided for in GDPR Article 30. The goal? Make organizations, public as well as private, accountable and demonstrate their compliance with GDPR.  

What is the requirement to keep a record of GDPR processing operations?  

The obligation to keep a register of GDPR processing operations is addressed to all controllers and their subcontractors. However, there is an exception to this obligation for companies or organisation having less than 250 employees.


Data Legal Drive allows you to

Classify the processing operations, fields and departments concerned

Use pre-recorded processing based on CNIL standards

Simply duplicate and adjust treatments that are common to several entities in a group

Transferring a processing operation from one direction to another

Use the Article 30 registry mode to check for completeness or activate the extended registry mode to quickly create your GDPR processing register

Strong point

Have you already done your processing in Excel?

A transfer module allows you to quickly and securely integrate your data into the DATA LEGAL DRIVE platform.

Simple and exhaustive exports

Export your registry in Excel or PDF format if you want a document with a professional layout.

Data Legal Drive helps me to consolidate the list of processing operations of the various legal entities to constitute our register on a daily basis. The tool is very comprehensive and facilitates our compliance.
Pascale Bourcier- ESCEurope