The exponential growth of Big Data raises fundamental and ethical questions about the use of data.
Companies are now obliged to take into account the protection of personal data from a legal, organisational and technical point of view at all times.
Discover how DATA LEGAL DRIVE, SaaS GDPR control software, through its key features, allows you to approach each step of compliance without stress and helps you to make it sustainable.


With DATA LEGAL DRIVE, supervise the progress of your compliance, map your processing operations in a guided way and build up your RGPD processing register step by step.

You may justify your accountability at any time to your customers, employees, service providers, prospects and control authorities.

Quick diagnostics and inventory of your RGPD compliance
Mapping of all personal data processing operations
Establishment of the processing register
Justification of your company’s accountability

Collaboration & Management

With DATA LEGAL DRIVE, manage your entire GDPR compliance (creation of process mapping, contract updates, etc.).
You monitor and react effectively to potential personal data breach and requests from data subjects and ensure that your employees are properly trained and made aware of the GDPR.

Governance steering GDPR
Management of requests and processing of personal data violations
Follow-up of your employees’ training

Business expertise

With DATA LEGAL DRIVE, stay on top of the latest changes made by the GDPR and anticipate the impacts it will have on your compliance.
Quickly adapt your contracts to meet the guidelines set out in the GDPR.

Access to model contracts, clauses and legal notices
Consultation of a documentary database containing news & GDPR comments
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