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The software had the capacity to respond to the problems of a large company like Nexity, organised in silos, with various subsidiaries and businesses, and in an international context.

François Corrard - Deputy Group DPO of Nexity

For an international construction group like NGE, compliance with the RGPD initially consisted of involving 14 subsidiaries and a large number of departments in the same process.

Jean-Sebastien Léoni, Executive Vice-Président of NGE

The software saves us valuable time. Data Legal Drive has made our processes more secure and reliable. The pre-installed processes are both comprehensive and easy to customize.

Christel Wczesniak - Lawyer & DPO at Maïsadour

In order to comply with the GDPR, the DLD software has enabled us to start managing our compliance and to control our data governance efficiently.

Cyrille C. - DPO of Evry courcouronnes

I chose Data Legal Drive because it is an extremely practical solution, very ergonomic, which allows all employees to get involved in managing the GDPR

Maxime Diot - Data Protection Officer

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